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In September, Anne Neave, was honoured by the Council of Canadians for her community and environmental activism.  Neave began getting active 17 years ago.  Most of her activities began out of a committee from the Unitarian church.  Her children were also involved at an early age and eventually received school scholarships and awards for community service. Anne has also worked with a local committee for three years to ban cosmetic pesticides in Kamloops.  As well, Anne is part of a small group with the Kamloops Astronomical Society that is working towards achieving Rural Star Park status for the Stake Lake observatory from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. For the past year Anne has been working with the Kamloops Area reservation Association to raise awareness of issues arising from the proposed Ajax mine.  Two issues are important to this association: urging the government to support the UBCM’s resolution to revise the Mineral Tenure Act and organizing protest sign events in our region. Anne’s dedication and long service to the community of Kamloops and area is clear proof that this award is long overdue and clearly deserved.